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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 8, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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even a normal person. would never do that they can make it choose from trot. boris johnson and tommy robbers think it was boris johnson. in public. exposure who do you think could have said something like that somebody didn't think. well i'll give you some options try boris johnson or tommy robinson. sounds like the judge. is actually boys johnson. was actually worse johnson guys. not really rational for him to say that but that's a terrible thing to say but if you were to get. anything he says it's acceptable for anyone to say that especially someone. even worse well some do say that the timing of johnson's comments there is no accident as he seeks to shore up support
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among hard line conservatives meanwhile the issue of muslim body coverings has been much debated in europe recently with some countries including denmark and front rick sample imposing a complete ban on full face veils others germany among them have only imposed partial bans whilst driving for example. for the second in the series of reports on the face of russian families who moved to syria to join islamic state parties medina quarter of a travel to sudden russia to talk to a woman sentenced to eight years in prison on terrorism charges after she followed her husband to syria. the clock is taking its current life sentenced to eight years behind bars for being part of an illegal armed group she won't actually go to jail until her youngest
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child turns fourteen and she's only one right now less than twelve months ago her life was old very different i was twenty nine when i left i went to turkey first with my husband i never thought i would end up there. within seven months as i did that was living in syria and pregnant with her child she says her husband had been drawn to islam and a better life. he told me it was safe to go there he said it wasn't how it was being shown that was snowball me he said no war but the reality turned out to be far more spin anything on t.v. they lived for two years in the city of topic which at the times was under isolates control than they moved to rocca and she spent every day living in phoenix. even my girl knew she was only eighteen years old but she could tell the difference
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what was coming and american hercules plane a fighter jet drone she could tell by the sound of it. what are they hiding yes well they either went downstairs or just simply stayed at home i took them out into the hole and we laid on the floor so that any shrapnel wouldn't hit us zagat had struggles to share her story she tries to stay emotionally distant from the past speaks quietly rarely looking into the camera she says she wanted to return home right from the start i told my husband that i want to go back but i couldn't live but the moment i started talking about it we had fights he told me if you want to leave leave but i will not let you take the kids away. and you he was able to do that he had that sort of character and i was afraid later on when they were living and rock and her husband was killed in a drone strike leaving it all alone with three children i started looking for ways to get out but it's not that easy you can't just leave that place it all has to be
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done in secret there are people that can sell you out trick i only talk to those who i knew well and one day i was told that there was this wrote that there was a way out. that claims she had no way dia the life she was leading would leave her on the wrong side of russia's anti terror laws. i stayed at home all the time i had my children i had no time for anything else i was at home taking care of my kids. she was one of the seven women and fourteen children brought back to russia in the autumn twenty seventeen as part of a companion organized by chechen officials to repaginate the families of men who went to fight with islam make terrorists. i am very grateful to everyone who helped launch this complaint to save many women and children. but while they were lucky to escape from the war in syria upon arrival in grozny she was detained by police
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three months later she was convicted and sentenced for being part of an illegal armed group. and while the law she broke is designed to help thwarted terror attacks some people argue that family members of radicalized individuals should not be targeted. these people need rehabilitation they need to be close to their family members under the care of their mothers they're under huge dress and prison will not help them it will only meet the more harsh i believe it's wrong to put them behind bars for now as i get at leaves with her mother in dagestan she has to report. to the police every month and can't leave the region it's difficult for both her and her brother to find work as they're on the official police list it means they all have to get by on their mother's small salary as a post office worker despite all this they get at sas she is just happy to see her
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children safe little girl i was literally suffering there because i was unable to provide food for my children he told me constantly mom we are hungry they were colliding. and now he's out of the congress let's go to the merry go round let's go to the seaside now we go after you where dumb to now we go everywhere. mommy is hard and so my lovely who say fuck. it was you. r.t. dagestan. well with the question of how to treat the whys are vital fights is proving to be so divisive we debated the issue with our guests. shouldn't be allowed to return home they have left the safety of this country and gone over to fight with. whatever you want to call them should not be allowed back into this country what are they going to do when the come back here you know we've got enough people in our prisons now radicalized in our if you brick
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a law especially criminal laws in england. and you break it somewhere you can actually charge but that charge has actually to stand in court they're not responsible for their actions their husbands or their or their kids or their son in the book. as a terrorist this is not their responsibility they're made that decision now to say that they went out there didn't know what they were going out there told didn't know what the door and there is ridiculous there was radicalize they've got out there if the culture that they're in at the moment has a death sentence so be it that's up to them but we cannot just charge anyone because we look we think she what he was she was a wife who she knew about everything she could not make a decision some of them were soldiers some of the recruits yes we agree on this but let's differentiate between innocent and being who is who has been a terrorist and who's been a criminal this is very critical because we want to go to the cycle of violence. as
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our as asian women have on their own their make their own decisions on life please tell me what they said so their wives where there was going was you were not shopping what you were not. a holiday there much a child i mean i just you know where i am not sure not exactly what was going on are i give an example he tells his wife we go into a trip to turkey ok this is where this whole times we've gone to a trip holiday to turkey to south of turkey in turkey you are stuck we're going to syria why because this is what islam is asking us to this is what we have to fight you are my wife you have to listen to me if not i would divorce you and you have no papers how are you going to turn back home if you take your wife to rocco or play. it is like this and you tell us take you past what away from you how are you going to turn home to my wife or i don't know. how to do that brain and i would not allow that. they're made that decision now they went out there didn't know what
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they were going out that show didn't know what the husband was door and there is absolutely ridiculous there was radically they've gone out that if the culture has a better sense and so be it that's up to them they have made that decision they've gone out that we do not want those people back a debate we had here earlier well our series looking at the fallout of russian families who went to become part of islamic state does continue on friday with a look at people still trying to locate friends and relatives early this week we did show you can you might remember the story of two young russian sisters found in an orphanage in iraq and you can now watch that and like you.
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put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express . some want. to go right to be this is what the. real people are. interested in the war. when else should seem wrong. but i will just don't. let me. get to shape out just the attic and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back you know it's been ten years since the war between georgia and russia broke out after georgia attacked the a ton of this region of surface setia back in two thousand and eight the russian army intervened and after five days of violence and fourteen hundred civilians killed a ceasefire agreement was reached and russian troops remain in the region to this day to acting as pace keepers however the us does see it as an occupation our position on the russian occupied georgia region. and also south ossetia is unwavering that remains unwavering today the regions are part of georgia they are
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not part of russia and the united states continues to support josh georgia's sovereignty its independence and also its territorial integrity despite western politicians blaming russia the use a fact finding mission did establish that georgia was actually the one who initiated the conflict but it also insists to you that both sides violated international law well in our new documentary we recall the most tragic moments of the war here's a quick preview you can watch it in full later. i'm not trying to. kill also. just south of the grad you're going to have. michelle. mitchell somewhere. for this. solution this is her
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little sister who you. think you. will see. if she all of the. yes. at. the last. class you. set up. on the on eat that i. got that will be good for the future well that's a good thing and i'm going. to feel guilty that i'm not up to. the mainstream media day reporting that russia started the conflict and said nothing about soccer surely opening fire on the night of the beginning of the olympics in beijing a couple years after the war i believe that eventually other countries would learn
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to recognize that georgia was at fault in this war especially after the european commission came out and said that georgia started the war and i was very disappointed that they didn't as you heard as soon as the fighting did break out the western media immediately jumped to conclusions. georgia's president says russia is attacking his country dropping bombs and moving tanks into georgian territory russia's attacks keep coming to surprise georgia saying it's withdrawn from self a city or the georgians can do nothing. moscow's actions illustrate its contempt for the condemnation and criticism and. i want you to know who to blame for all of the uneasiness conflicts and that said mr saakashvili who started this morning and mr saakashvili who is going to show and
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two thousand people who feel to be on a one day baghdad stewart game against i would never tell you that it was only a commercial break will take us there in four seconds whether we do i don't know where you go most don't want to hear. is situated some minutes drive from solve a city and the russian troops us t. . only is a city that not crossing i mean history to border. but russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev force the country's president at the time looking back at the events of two thousand and eight he says that he believes they could have been prevented. why are some customs of valuate these events the same way that i did before that there would have been no war if suckers for his actions had not been so irresponsible immoral and criminal record when it was not inevitable it was clearly a choice made by cyclist really and his aides are goal was to push georgian
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soldiers back prince involved so as to restore order and prevent a further escalation of the conflict it was not to destroy georgia or execute cyclists really and i think i was right and trying not to rush because that gave us the chance to calm the situation in georgia a set a year and and also to engage in calm dialogue with other countries and the european union you're watching international thanks for helping us out the need we'll have more news in the headlines as usual in just over half an hour.
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this. is a. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution. what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end and that's not as the i intend then i think lawyer to do this out in. this. case felt. that. he gave his national camera. roughly once they showed some of these for them. to.
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suit your own cool videos and so on with the roughly stirring up and. down more on string i don't roughly dot tv. i've afshin rattansi we're going underground twenty four hours ahead of controversial u.k. government security contractor g four s. announcing profits bolstered by lucrative contracts from the ministry of justice currently facing unprecedented strike action from there creating stuff coming up in the show. like action in london unarguable kidnapping of a u.k. doctor on the high seas and this week's pay roll this and more coming up in today's going underground but first was u.s. back to colombia as venezuela alleges behind an attempted assassination over the weekend i do you know know that article production economy in
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a sense the. british newspapers like the guardian appeared to question whether it was some kind of hoax but then outlets like channel four news in the state mandated b.b.c. have continued to promote regime change in venezuela or arguably where internationally monitored elections recently secured victory for president by dürer is donald trump secretary of state when he was his boss at the cia anytime you have a country as large and with the economic capacity of a country like venezuela america has a deep interest in making sure that it is stable as democratic as possible and so we're working hard to do that i am always careful when we talk about south and central america and the cia there's a lot of stories. could that media laughter at the aspen security summit really be referring to cia interference in the americas that even included backing for groups linked to the assassination of a soon to be saint archbishop ranariddh with celebrating mass in the chapel of the
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hospital of divine providence where he lived he must have noticed a drawing up at the door of the church a marksman came out of the car and took aim and fired directly at the archbishop the defacto cia back killing of el salvador's archbishop romero is just one instance among many in the americas that can be traced to washington today though there is no proof of a direct link between the trumpet ministration and what appeared to be a weekend drone assassination attempt on president maduro in fact u.s. customs data between february and june shows an increase in venezuelan oil exports to the usa a forty three percent it's clear what washington were. i want to be careful what i say but if i say we we are very hopeful that there can be a transition in venezuela and we the cia is doing its best to understand the dynamic there so that we can communicate to our state department and to others the
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colombians i was just down in mexico city and in bogota week before last talking about this very issue trying to help them understand the things they might do so that they can get a better outcome for their part of the world and our part of the world if donald trump's now secretary of state wasn't directly contravening the u.n. charter there the u.k. government not only appears to support the pompei or narrative he uses it to taint the labor leader jeremy corbyn with the oil rich media maligned nation of venezuela iraq general general and the leader of the opposition asked me what planet i was on and what we all know what planet he in his shadow chancellor on its planet venezuela of course theresa may and her supporters that learn the blairite rump of the labor party do not only change army corbin for his opposition to nato a nation backed regime change they taint him by his support of international law when it comes to palestine while u.k. media was arguably trying to triangulate corbin's opposition to israeli policies with anti semitism a freedom flotilla trying to break israel's illegal siege of gaza to deliver
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humanitarian supplies one of those on the flotilla his doctor the first ever female orthopedic interim a consultant surgeon to be appointed it's a battle of me and the royal london hospitals she joins me now doctors we welcome to going underground while in britain the talk is of jeremy cool beans alleged anti semitism there's been something called the freedom flotilla and you were on it the . little ball that's yachts are in this case a fishing boat sailing into gaza as you know gaza being under military blockade sealing it off twelve illegal under international yes and this blockade has resulted in the fishermen not being able to fish nets and not being able to go in and the people in gaza suffer. a lot so we know what happened all the ship in international waters i understand limbaugh ordered the ship europe yes on the twenty ninth of july at about twelve thirty one we received a telephone call from the number accusing us of violating the israeli water
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but we know we did not because we were in international waters so all the person that was driving the boat say no we are in international water and we have the right of innocent passage we are not at all we've got no business with israel and it went on for a while and their son the israeli warships three of them with lots of soldiers on it and the five thought it was aiming for all bolt and then they board at the lower deck and came out and threw everybody into the back of the upper deck and then went straight for the wheel house where the boat is being stopped the engine broke into the wheel house took down the flag and trample on the norwegian flag and then they couldn't start the engine again so they beat up the captain to force him to start the engine but i woulda and other means return i want to remind your your audience that this is a seventieth year of the palestinian not bomb is
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a catastrophe our the army's return to calculus being beaten was being beaten it's not the ball that i would as it were the israeli ambassador to london all of it i mean the israelis are the ship was about and without incident. that the captain that you're saying was beaten disobeyed israeli orders to stop sailing to go they beat up the captain to stop the boat so that they can hijack the boat to ashville which is really part that kept actually couldn't stop the boat because all the region fishing boat the only way to restart it is to engineer to go down into the engine room and started manually the engineer is seventy years old. and he refused to do it so they brought the captain down and hit him really hot in front of me with the engineer and when the engineers saw the captain going in white and pale he gave up and started the ball and then the israelis took over the steering and drove
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straight. to all and took us please that is calling it a kidnapping because they were in jail the juicy zip code being used because i'm the doctor so what happened was that they tasered you see we spent two days learning how to be nonviolent when we attack so they brought to all our civil defenses people holding the hand to block the soldiers and it is just that people are going through them and that history off the crew has an participants got a search including one of them who states that in the neck and head and they were tight with. plastic cots and really tight and one of them i said a police cut this i'm a doctor he's going to get gangrene very soon if you continue that. finally after about half an hour for the my five minutes it did they didn't injure you though they did just push me around that's ok i'm small enough to you push me out for this all i saw were boards of racism. yes because you know they would believe british
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british don't look like that even in prison you know when finally we we were taken to a closed military zone with strip search multiple times that all our belongings taken away from out including our medicines and everything and finally put in prison and the prison wardens just wouldn't call me by my name you call me china and these china come here china i'm not talking to you you shut up i'm talking to her you know like that so finally when the british consul came and he said you're england i say well you can call that you know ok from then on they call me england and the treatment became a little bit better so that's the way they you got your clothes but no no no no no my my luggage was open they took everything they took my tool mobile phones like camera they took all my clothes i don't know what they wanted my clothes were british authorities they're debilitating it was they can do anything. the britain's
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closest allies in the middle east i don't know so that i have an empty suitcase they took all the medicine in my suitcase because in fact these medicines are for the participants we have a separate lot of donations mainly for gaza about the girl is going eighty eight i don't know what happened to it but my personal medicine which i i have for the people on all empty my clothes were taken away i don't want to wear this black skirt this is a duplicate where the blouse is all gone but to be fair they left one t. shirt for me so that when i got my suit case i got a second t. shirt because that has got three guards on it so they left it and i got nothing so in prison i got the same t. shirt on for four days though you knew when you got on the boat that in a few years ago on the movie were tethered to vista killed yes by israeli forces israel of the apology twenty million dollars compensation to turkey how could you go on this boat knowing that on previous little as activists have been killed of
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cost as a element of fear but. all of us all went on the boat know well that there is an element of real danger but i think our solidarity and our love for the palestinians and our love for justice. rises above our personal fear and that's what we are doing what would you do for a living my family of course you know big time you know we have to nominate our next of kin when you go on like that and i know i cannot nominate either my sister my brother because when they receive better news i don't think i can do it so i nominated a gaza family to be my next of kin because for the palestinians walk ons the name being persecuted be killed when they receive better news about me it might hurt them they might be so upset but they are strong people so day will be able to handle it and support my family so my next of kin actually palestinians from gaza people whom i love so much or are always waiting you know that the lady will not
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need to be my next of kin was born when her father was being tortured in israeli prison. her father has me in prison four times and this time he refused to leave gaza even when the ramadan checkpoint was open because he suspect that there will be another big assault on gaza he wants to be there with his people and as a british citizen to know that britain is arming israel since you mention the twenty four team goes a war we are at record high levels of a billion dollars worth of british jobs what we are prepared to be able to have by a british weapon from their own country. the british government and the british manufacturer that's what they like for money we the people of britain like the people from all over the world will put our life on the line on on the line to stand with our press people we have done that for centuries and it's our duty to do it if we are killed by a british. i regret being killed that way but that will not stop me from standing
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up i just want to make this very clear if you know palestine if you know the injustice if you know what the palestinians are like and you love them like the way i love them i'm quite sure more and more young people all over the world begin to wake up to the fact that this is one of the best black history of the twentieth and twenty first century allowing a people to be slaughtered to be dispossessed to be ethnically cleansed before our own eyes and telling lies about them you know people has a strong sense of justice and people will stand up for justice maybe by the next sale and maybe to all go on it in the sense that i might be a handicap to everybody around but i'm quite sure many others will want to get that dog as we thank you. you're most welcome after the break we are not the church we dream we speak to the general secretary of united voices of the world who are today striking for more pay and one of the richest areas in europe all the.


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